Here at Elite Motors we offer several extended warranties. Our warranty companies protection plans are fully backed by financially strong "A" rated insurance companies and all have accreditation with the BBB.


In most cases, the base powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, transfer case and water pump. You may also add optional coverage such as drive axle, electrical, fuel system, seals & gaskets. Multiple packages and options avalable from 1 year/25,000 miles to 5 year/100,000 miles. Contact dealer for more information.

Extended Coverage:

This warranty covers many major parts such as engine, cooling, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, air conditioning, basic electrical, basic fuel system, turbo/supercharger, steering, seals & gaskets, brakes and basic suspension. Multiple packages and options avalable from 1 year/15,000 miles to 7 year/130,000 miles. Please contact dealer for vehicle year and mileage restrictions.

Full Coverage:

This warranty includes the following coverage such as engine, enhanced cooling, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, air conditioning, enhanced electrical, enhanced fuel system, turbo/supercharger, steering, enhanced seals & gaskets, brakes, enhanced suspension, ABS, computers, cruise control and more! In most cases this warranty is restricted to six model years or newer. Vehicle must have less than 60,000 miles at time of purchase. Multiple packages and options available from 3 year/50,000 miles to 7 year/125,000 miles. Please contact dealer for more information.

Roadside Assistance on All Plans:

All plans come with a complimentary roadside assistance package. The package includes benefits such as lockout services, flat tire assistance, fuel assistance, dead battery assistance and towing. All services are available 24/7!

Rental coverage on All Plans:

Rental coverage is standard on all plans from powertrain to full coverage warranty packages!

Nationwide Protection:

All plans can be used anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Fully Transferable:

Transferable plans increase the resale value of your vehicle when it is time to sell it. Contact dealer for specific details.

Friendly Customer Service:

Having your vehicle in for repairs can sometimes feel stressful. Our warranty companies goal is to provide friendly customer service to each and every customer, making your busy life a little easier to manage for peace of mind!